New Dawn
Pregnancy Resource Center

Every story has a moment that has mattered.

From the very beginning, it has been clear that we are part of a mission that God has chosen for this area in Northern Wisconsin. It has been shown by each volunteer that has stepped in to serve for a season and by each client who has walked through our doors through the years. God takes very distinct moments from a volunteer’s life story that gives them a heart and calling for what we are doing. Those volunteers are available to serve as God brings people into the Center at life defining moments in their life stories. What an honor to witness God moving in those moments that matter!

Our Mission

The New Dawn Pregnancy Resource Center’s mission is to empower individuals in the North-Central Wisconsin area to make healthy life choices related to their sexuality and child bearing, focused on a Christ-like view of human life.

  • Pregnancy Tests

  • Limited Early Pregnancy Ultrasounds

  • Options Counseling

  • Testing for Sexually Transmitted Infections/Diseases

  • Educational Programs: Earn While You Learn

  • Maternity and Baby Supplies

  • Post Abortion Support

  • Referral Directory for Adoption, Healthcare,
    Legal Advice, and Other Support

Our Services

We offer compassionate, confidential, and cost-free services to each person who comes through our doors. These services are available anytime throughout pregnancy and are open to women and men.

Support Through Giving

New Dawn Pregnancy Resource Center is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit charitable organization and does not receive state or federal government funding. We are 100% donation based being sustained through the cheerful giving spirit of individuals, businesses, organizations, and churches. We are able to generously serve others with God’s love in response to those who generously give to our ministry. How thankful we are for everyone who is making a LIFE affirming difference in the greater Northwoods!

Give Online

Giving online is a safe and secure option with the ability to set up recurring donations for those wanting to regularly donate.
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Via Mail

You can also send checks to us by mail at:
P.O. Box 1845
Woodruff, WI 54568-1845

Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.

The volunteers who come alongside our staff help us form an important client-centered ministry team caring for each person through our words and by our actions. Being the church - expressing our ministry as the Body of Christ - is a tremendous calling and our volunteer team is comprised of individuals from different denominations, walks of life, backgrounds, who minister to others with the love of Christ. As all parts come together as one team, each volunteer who serves has an importance that cannot be considered insignificant and is vital to making a difference for LIFE in the Northwoods.

If you are interested in more information about volunteering, feel free to call the Center or to fill out the Volunteer Interest Form.

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